About Our Crew

Our Mission is Adventure!

Over The Line Charters is just that—over the top and above and beyond in all the best ways. When it comes to service, professionalism, and quality of craft, there is no substitute. When it comes to creating family-friendly excursions tailored to your interests that are fun, safe and unforgettable, we are the charter that gets the call. This is no accident.

Setting a Course For Excellence from the Beginning

As one of the most seasoned power boat charter companies in St Thomas, we started out wanting to build out-of-this-world adventures for our customers. Back in the day, OTL was teased about how much time and money we invested in our customer experience and modern boats, especially since we were told there were “plenty enough tourists to go around.”

But we stuck to our guns and never wavered on our philosophy of exceeding our own high standards for excitement and remaining committed to the ideal experience. Over the years, that investment in being the best has paid off— for our customers most of all.

Happy Customers, Growing Business

Nowadays, there are dozens of charter boat options available but people continue to come back asking for Over The Line. Our customers know that exceeding their expectations is our top priority, and that’s just the way we like it!

Featured Crew Members