Best Virgin Island Sight Seeing

It may seem obvious to say there are things to see in the Virgin Islands, and we’ve featured some of our favorites below. As soon as you land by airplane or cruise ship it’s quickly evident that the Caribbean islands are full of picturesque palm trees and beaches and camera-friendly iguanas. Of course, you likely knew that before you even arrived. 

What you might be less familiar with is some of the extraordinary natural beauty and ecological phenomena that are a bit more off the beaten path. Popular spots like The Baths at Virgin Gorda attract people from all over the world with good reason. And even lesser-known spots like the Bubbly Pool can be less touristy, a bit harder to find, and perhaps even more magical. 

Many of these amazing sights are only accessible by boat and are scattered around the Virgin Islands. That’s why they make great “anchors” to any chartered boat excursion itinerary. Enjoy taking in the sights that interest you from the comfort (and fun!) of one of our luxury powerboats. Our Coast-Guard Certified Captains will take you and your family on a tour you’ll be talking about for years. 

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US Virgin Islands

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