Callwood Rum Distillery

How old is your favorite distillery? Jack Daniels has been around since 1956. The famous Callwood Rum Distillery, on the other hand, has been continuously operating for over 400 years and is thought to be the oldest in the Caribbean.

Even Hurricane Irma, which caused the distillery serious damage, couldn’t take the company offline for long thanks to the support of locals and fans. Even the original still survives and is in continued use.

Originally founded in 1600 by the Arundel family, the Callwood family now carries on the tradition of making rum from pure cane juice the same way it was made four hundred years ago. The recipe and techniques have been passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

Stop on by this historic landmark for a tour and of course a tasting!

Products include White Cane Rum, Orginial Four Year Old Cane Rum, Ten Year Old Cane Rum, The Ladies Rum “Panty Remover,” and a Spiced Rum.


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"Every time we go to the BVI we have to stop at Callwood for some rum to take home. It is still brewed as it was centuries ago. Nothing is wasted, even the cane stalks are used as fuel to burn and heat the kettle. The juice is squeezed from an old time press. I was told years ago that since it is all natural you can't get a hangover." - Steve R., Trip Advisor
"This place is awesome. History in rum (and plenty to drink too). Really cheap tastings and small bottles of rum. It's a fun place to walk into and explore for 5-10 minutes before sampling the various rums. It's also right next to a beach so that's cool too." - Adam Ansari, Google
"Just had a visit with Michael Callwood and his wonderful family, our first since their extensive hurricane damage last year. The distillery has been rebuilt and is in full swing with the efforts of the Callwood family, including tastings and tours. This is probably one of the best rums you will have the opportunity to obtain, so get it when you visit Tortola since it is not readily available elsewhere." - Lovermt3, Trip Advisor