Lindquist Beach scene

Lindquist Beach


Lindquist Beach is part of a 21-acre park preserve called Smith Bay Park, and features public amenities including a lifeguard during the day, bathrooms, showers, and picnic tables — all contributing to an all-around great spot for family fun in the sun.

You just might even see some giant iguanas strolling around at Lindquist Beach. Local tip: please don’t feed the iguanas!



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"This is one of my all time favorite beaches on St. Thomas. It's just beautiful, peaceful, and well-kept. Thank you to the management for caring for one of our most pristine beaches."  -Christine deJongh, Google Local Guide
I spent a peaceful, relaxing day at Lindqvist Beach. It never got crowded and my husband and I felt like we had the beach to ourselves. The water was calm with scenic views all around. The snorkeling was wonderful and we loved swimming with the sea turtles! Stay to the right side of the beach if you're facing the water and swim over the seagrass. The turtles eat the grass on the sea floor and then swim up for air. This was a really special experience and I highly recommend it! There are picnic tables and bathroom facilities here as well, but you need to bring your own food & drinks. It also costs $5 per person to enter but it's definitely worth it!" -Hillary Colon, Trip Advisor
"This beach was so beautiful and not at all crowded that it felt like our own private beach. The sand is clean and the water is warm and great for swimming. The snorkeling is pretty good too - we saw plenty of fish and even a sea turtle munching on some sea grass. There are chairs and umbrellas for rent, and some very clean bathrooms near the entrance. Will absolutely come back next time I'm in St Thomas."  -Collin Blendell, Google Local Guide