Virgin Island Destinations

Magens Bay Beach

Hailed as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Nearly three-quarters of a mile of pristine white sand beach, coconut mangroves, and guest facilities make Magens Bay Beach one of the most popular on St. Thomas for tourists and locals alike! This world-famous beach attracts millions of visitors per year who are never disappointed.

Magens Bay Beach is also one of the only beaches with lifeguards on duty, making it a fantastic, family-friendly spot to pitch an umbrella! After some fun spent in the sun, Magens Bay Beach has tons of modern conveniences to complete your day- restaurant, bar, showers, etc.

Enjoy food and drinks at the bar overlooking a worldwide top ten rated beach. Located on the North Side of St. Thomas, Magens can be a stop a on your local USVI trip. The crystal clear waters await, begging you to wade in!